On May 1st 2018 we are set to finish our project and conquer the other edge of the world. Our original journey prerogative was to drive through the longest patch of our planet, from Ushuaia known as ‘The End of the World’ to Prudhoe Bay in Alaska. Unfortunately our journey was unexpectedly cut short after 262 days. In July 2017, our car engine has given up and we had to stop our expedition, we however, refused to give up.

Setting off on the first journey, it is really difficult to finish it, reach a destination and come back. Once we start, the journey will never end. Each next journey seems to be a continuation of a previous one, coming back home is only a temporary situation, preparations for another journey. Perhaps we are only on a road, no matter what.

What is the reason for this trip?
Reaching destination is not the only important thing in travelling. The goal itself is also a journey. Deep into the land, deep into ourselves. Journey always helps to learn something – about us and relations with other people. As disabled people, we will have to face many difficulties, that we want to overcome, because passion for travelling is a question of mind and not body. Realizing this project, we want to show disabled people, as well as people who are not disabled that nothing is impossible. A desire to discover new World is more important than hardship of a journey, this hardship is only its element, not an obstacle. We create the obstacles ourselves – by lack of faith, imagination and motivation._

Above all, we want to be constantly on the move and experience thousands of images. It is also about silence and whirr of an engine, reaching a destination and coming back. It is about meeting new people and understanding ourselves, about distance and covering it. It is also about the wheelchair and battling with our own disability, as well as with the body and mind. It is about believing that we can do it. And if we can’t, we should still believe it.

Landrover Defender 110, 1996. Not only it is fantastic off- roader but also it is a prototype, the first of this kind. As we are both wheelchair bound, we had to modify the car so we’ve come up with innovative solutions to suit our needs. It’s has three lifts, it has a mechanism that allows us to drive it using just our hands, it has a built-in tent, viewing deck, kitchen and lots if other useful things that help along the way. It is our transportation and home at the same time.

Media about expedition / in English:

Video promoting the trip:

Nagroda im. Andrzeja Zawady:
Za przygotowanie projektu wheelchairtrip_2016 z rąk Kapituły Kolosów otrzymaliśmy nagrodę im. Andrzeja Zawady. Nagroda jest przyznawana od 2002 roku, fundatorem jest Miasto Gdynia. To jedyne w swoim rodzaju wyróżnienie, którego laureaci, młodzi podróżnicy, którzy nie przekroczyli 35 roku życia, otrzymują zarówno rekomendację niezależnej Kapituły złożonej z podróżniczych autorytetów jak i realne wsparcie finansowe pomagające w realizacji projektu wymarzonej wyprawy.