About us

Maciej Kamiński

Born in 1985, he's a nature lover, a traveller and a keen poker player. He has recently taken up sustainable agriculture and started promoting a healthy lifestyle. His interests include history, politics and quantum physics. He's the founder of 'Torus' Foundation.

Michał Woroch

Born in 1984, he's an activist, graphic designer, photographer and video editor. He has graduated from Art University in Poznań, completing a course in graphic design at the faculty of Graphics and Visual Communication. He is currently a sophomore there, doing a Multimedia course at the faculty of Multimedia Communication. He has worked for Teatr Wielki im. Stanisława Moniuszki in Poznań, doing the video for Tchaikovsky's 'Swan Lake'. For Teatr Automaton he has produced the trailer for 'The Red Planet: Tiger, Assasin and the Dead Empress'. He also does documental and conceptual photography. The photos taken during his many voyages and the documentation of his projects have been presented countless times at both group and individual exhibitions and published by reputable publishers. He carries out initiatives aimed at stirring disabled persons to action. Being a wheelchair user himself, he still finds the resources to stay mobile and travel the world, constantly finding inspiration to create during his trips. One of his latest projects, named 'wheelchairtrip', has caused quite a stir in the media and cultural life. The short movie documenting the trip has achieved great acclaim during the Transatlantyk Festival, winning first prize in the 'Road Movie' category. He empowers and stimulates his disabled peers not only with his attitude and creative work, but also as a lecturer. During the 'Accessible Tourism' conference at the faculty of Geographic and Geological Sciences of Adam Mickiewicz's University in Poznań he presented his lecture entitled 'Tourism as a form of rehabilitation'. Furthermore, he has been an active member of KodKrowa Creative Initiatives Association, taking part in many of their social and artistic projects; Projekt Się Kręci and Laboratorium Odra, to name a few.