• Places
    Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Monaco, France, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Germany
  • Distance
    17.753 km
  • Time
    3 months
  • Means of transport
    Car, Ferry

When a view through the window is changing every second and sunrays burst into a temporary bedroom, understanding of what is home changes completely. We set a goal: 17.753 km, 3 months, 13 countries and 2 continents. It was our home, whirr of an engine and being constant on the move. Getting to the westernmost point of Europe –Cabo da Roca Cape, required from us another perspective of who we are and what is our disability. We have been moving on the wheelchairs for a few years, however, we never stop. Realization of the project began in 2012, when Maciej Kamiński and me made a decision about going on a journey, of which a very short segment can be found below this text. It wasn’t easy, we realized how difficult this journey will be, but we were prepared. Only after return, looking backwards, we felt how many things have changed, although maybe nothing has changed around. Since then, we look at everything in a different way, we can do much more, and desire of another challenge is growing in us every day.

One minute of the trip.